COVID- 19 

Due to these current unforeseen circumstances, it is imperative that we all take the necessary steps to keep each other safe. Excellent hygiene was always been my first priority and that will never change. I will been wearing a mask with all appointments. My working surface and chair will be throughly wiped down and sanitized before and after all clients which may lead to a tiny delay. Clients will have to remove any face covering for service. Clients must also wash hands or sanitize hands at the arrival of their appointment.


If for any reason you are feeling sick, PLEASE cancel your appointment. You will not be able to book again until one month after your initial booking date. If for any reason you decide to show up to your appointment and you are clearly sick, you will be asked to leave and your appointment will not be rescheduled, and your will lose your deposit. 

Covid has been come the our new normal as it has been something we have been living with since March 2020. Unfortunately I can no longer make accommodations because we all have to assume the risks. If I contract the virus, you will be notified, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be immediately issued a refund. 



When coming to my location for service, please do not bring any other guest(s) or children UNLESS they are being serviced as well. If you come with another person, the person will be asked to wait for you outside for the duration of your appointment. There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!



As of April 1st, 2020, I will no longer travel for services other than Bridal Services. All appointments will take place at my location in Kensington, MD. No exceptions will be made. The only services I will travel for are Bridal Services. All Bridal services will incur a travel fee which is solely based on the location. If you are not a bride but wish to book a bridal service to have travel services provided to you, please email me: info@makeupbypnang.com.  



All start times of 7:59AM or earlier for appointments at my location, will require an additional fee. If you are interested in an earlier start time that is not available please contact me via email. Early start times are as follows:

7:00AM - 7:59AM- $50

6:00AM - 6:59AM- $100


Any appointment booked less than 48 hours to the desired appointment date is subjected to an additional $25 short notice fee.



Contracts are required for all bridal bookings. Contracts are only provided for bridal bookings.



A deposit is required at time of booking. Deposit payment information will be provided to you via e-mail. When a deposit is made please know that the deposit is non-refundable (cannot be refunded if the appointment is cancelled) & non-transferable (cannot be transferred to another appointment). 



If for any reason you must cancel your appointment, your deposit is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be put to another booking in the future. The deposit is only refundable if I am unable to complete the appointment. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before your scheduled time, you will be charged the remaining balance of your appointment.



When booking your appointment please be mindful of time you are booking for. If you are MORE THAN 15 minutes late to your appointment, it is under my discretion for me to cancel the appointment. If you are 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will be charge a $15 late fee. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled or an additional fee will be added.  


If for any reason you do not show up for your appointment, your deposit is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be put to another booking in the future. In addition to losing your deposit you will be charged the remaining balance of your appointment.



Starting April 2019, I will offer a natural pair mink lashes to all appointments. Dramatic lashes can be upgraded for a discounted rate. Going forward, I will not apply lashes supplied by a client. I only apply lashes that I carry.


Please be prepared for your appointment upon arrival. Please come with your face clean of ANY makeup. Please come with your brows already groomed.


If you have allergies or preferences please disclose them prior to your appointment. I do not and will not use your personal makeup products if you bring them unless you have notified me before hand.