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100% Synthetic Brushes
Premium Wood Handles
The Eye Brush Set:
#7 - Spoolie 
Grooms the eyebrows
#8 - Angled Brow/Liner
Shapes the brows but can also be used for a winged eye liner
#9 – Eye Shadow 
Applies eye primers but can also apply eye shadows
#10 - Flat Shader 
Applies eye shadow to the eyelid
#11- Blending 
Softly blends and diffuses eyeshadow such as a transition color
#12 - Crease 
Blends crease color and outer corner colors
#13 - Concealer 
Applies concealer on trouble areas and under eye
#14 - Pencil 
Blends the under-eye liner for a sultry look or use for tear duck to add a pop of color

The Eye Brush Set

SKU: EBS2020
  • All sets are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. For this reason, brushes cannot be returned or exchanged.